Low-code visual development

Low-code visual development

September 2, 2020

Do you plan to build new application?
Do you want to target your audience on web browser, iOS, andorid devices?
Do you have limited time to build it?
Does your team has skill set to build application on all device platform?

These questions are quite common when you start your application development project. As technology evolved, there are so many programming language,library and framework for your team to learn. These issue can be tackled by platform that can heavy-lifting these concerns from your team and let them focus and put effort into most important of your app. Features. User Experience.

Appzillon Development Platform is a feature loaded, agile, secure, and flexible mobile application development platform (MADP) that can be used to deliver channel and device agnostic applications for smartphones, feature phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. The platform offers a world class integrated development environment (IDE) that enables developers to design, develop, and deploy applications with very little programming. Features that make Appzillon unique are its omni-channel capabilities and its ability to consume the services exposed by enterprise systems to automatically create the integration adapter, the data model and the screens that are required to invoke the service.

Appzillon enables end-to-end application development. The applications developed using Appzillon are hybrid in nature. The platform contains native OS containers for Android, iOS, and Windows. It allows users to develop apps in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript from the IDE and consists of inbuilt adaptors which translate any OS specific widgets to the native container formats while generating the executable.
The IDE is equipped with an integration gateway that has the ability to integrate with a service bus or any external system. The IDE can consume the services exposed by the external system or service bus to automatically create the integration adapter, the data model and the screen which is required to invoke the service.
The platform is also equipped with a state of art screen designer which can be used to either build new screens or modify the automatically created screens by dragging and dropping objects and widgets. The screen designer also includes the inbuilt graphics library of Appzillon which supports more than 70 charts.

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