Mobile App-Dev

Mobile App-Dev


Appzillon Development Platform is a unified app development environment to build omni-channel apps for smartphones, tablets, feature phones, desktops and laptops. It supports all leading mobile operating systems viz., Android and iOS as well as all leading browsers viz., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. Appzillon also supports Social Media channels. Its robust and state-of-the-art architecture facilitates a unified channel strategy.

Appzillon Development Platform includes a world-class development environment that is built on open technologies and enables rapid development of end-to-end apps. The intuitive nature of the platform abstracts the technical complexities of app development from developers.

Appzillon includes a host of innovations including its patent-pending ability to automatically build apps from enterprise services that help in building and deploying cross-channel apps in the shortest possible time.
Appzillon offers the following business benefits to enterprises
• Build apps that are simple to use, aesthetically pleasing and targeted towards high adoption & usage
• Build apps that are functionally complete & market relevant
• Provide uniform user experience across channels and allow users to opt for a device of their choice
• Zero compromise on enterprise security
• Mobilize the workforce with enterprise apps, leveraging existing internal systems & integration architecture
• Identify & handle on-ground challenges associated with newer development models and infrastructure requirements
• Future-proof mobility strategy to handle platform independence, upgrades & migrations
• Minimize new skill set requirements & associated training

Appzillon Technical Architecture