Time Attendance using Face Recognition

Time Attendance using Face Recognition

September 2, 2020

Does your current time attendance process secure and easy to use?

There’re many solution in the market today for time attendance. RFID card, Finger print scan, Time recorder machine , Bluetooth or even manual registration. Each solution requires some hardware to be installed and purchased. It also requires physical contact between person and device to be made which should have no issue in the past but we should concerns in the time of COVID19 pandemic.

Our team has done proof of concept using Face Recognition technology for time attendance using Graymatics software with existing ip cameras.

The result is secure and zero physical contact time attendance system which increase workplace hygiene ,reduce fraud and provide convenience for employee. The software can also provide additional features such as Object detection,blacklist person,restricted are without additional hardware required.

Please contact us to learn more about video analytics that match your use case.