Increase your user adoption rate

Increase your user adoption rate

September 2, 2020

WalkMe Support

It’s not important how good your system are if user not use it.

There’re many reasons for failure of digital transformation. Application performance, bugs, data integrity etc. Most obvious one is user experience. Organization investing most of their budget into technology to transform their business should concern more about user adoption because it is where their ROI is comnig from. Users need some learning curve to use new system and we should make it short as possible to maximize user adoption rate.

There’re are many ways to increase user adoption rate such as training,user guide, on call support. These technics has some drawback and not so effective to help user on-time when they need.

More advance technology used by Walkme DAP can help boosting user adoption rate include

  • Insight – Collect and analyze usage data to understand where user need helps
  • Guidance – Offer context help to allow user to finish their job
  • Engagement – provide proactive guidance before user search for help
  • Automation – finish mundane task for user
  • DAP center – monitoring user activities and all metrics to plan your adoption strategy

Walkme can provide guidance to users in various tools including

  • Smart Walk-Thrus – providing on-screen, guidance at the moment of need
  • Walk-Thrus (Classic) – a list-view to help you create step-by-step guidance for users
  • Launchers – add contextual guidance to your site
  • ShoutOuts – attention-grabbing messages that promote announcements and encourage interaction
  • SmartTips – Place guidance and support on forms
  • Resources – Incorporate existing articles and videos
  • Onboarding – enables users to see their progress as they move through the training
  • Shuttles – Add Bookmarks to frequently used pages
  • Surveys – Ask your users anything
  • ActionBot – Simplify and automate your users’ journeys
  • Search – Integrate your current Knowledge Base
  • Help Desk – Link directly to your support site
  • Live Chat – Integrate with your current chat provider
  • TeachMe (Courses) – allows users to learn your site system as they use it

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