End-to-End Data Analytics on Azure

End-to-End Data Analytics on Azure

September 2,2020

With the announcement from Microsoft last year, Azure Synapse( previously Azure Datawarehouse) has become interesting option for organization data analytic platform.

Microsoft has introduce many features to allow data engineer and data scientist workflow more smooth. The Synapse Workspace can use to build ingestion pipeline to data lake storage v2 and ready for further analytics.

Both Spark , and SQL engine can be used to process data from data lake storage and serve visualization tools like Power BI. User can even create Power BI visualization within workspace.

Azure data analytics also provide end-to-end tools to fit your data lake,warehouse project.

Azure Data Analytics Platform
Orchestration data movementAzure Data Factory
Data PreparationAzure Databricks
Azure HDInsight
Data lake storageAzure Datalake Storage V2
Streaming ingestionAzure Event Hub
Azure IoT Hub
Azure HDInsight(Kafka)
Streaming analyticsAzure Stream Analytics
Azure Databricks
Azure Synapse
Data warehouseAzure Synapse
OLTP databaseAzure SQL
Azure Cosmos
Serverless data serviceAzure Functions
Data SharingAzure Data Share
Data visualizationPower BI
Azure Data Analytics Services

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